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I’ve got news: GFX Lisboa

It’s been a long time so I might take a few posts to get all I want to tell sorted out.
It was  a huge ride since my last post. And finally I felt recognized and also paid off for the effort of doing research, self funded and still working and teaching.
I’ve been invited to produce and manage the project Global Fashion Exchange Lisbon in ModaLisboa, with the support of the municipality, Camara Municipal de Lisboa.
Since I followed GFX since its beginning I felt quite proud and honored to be the one person in Portugal that was picked out to do this.
I got introduced and started right away my work with GFX founder Mr. Patrick Duffy, with whom I instantly felt comfortable and positive that our event would be a blast.
GFX promotes clothing swaps around the world as a way of building consumer conscience for the fashion industry: I’ve been acquainted with the project since its first edition in 2013 in Copenhagen and have since been eager to bring it to Portugal.
Why so?
Because I think that fashion consumers need to be provoked and stimulated by impactful initiatives like this one – we need to turn the tables of the fashion world and we need to make it in a sexy/attractive manner.
And… SO we did!
With the support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and ModaLisboa, we were able to stage GFXLisboa – a two day event and space where we promoted sustainability in fashion, which also was the theme for the ModaLisboa round-table’ Fast Talks and for which we were able to invite many international panelists with recognized work in this field.

It is quite hard to tell you about all that we did, but i can assure that it has been a big success – with workshops, djs, a networking event for fashion professionals and of course, a huge SWAP market.

People brought 2 tons of clothing to swap in total, and the party and fun environment with music, famous ambassadors, a photoshoot for all the public to get their shots made it altogether a wonderful experience. It felt wonderful to be able to produce this. On the other hand it also felt wonderful to do something that embodies the stuff I believe in and provoking a change (even if just a tiny one) in the way people think about the clothes they buy, and the way they buy them.

me, feeling all happy. pic by Pedro Sadio

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