Graziela Sousa

back on track


I know I’ve been out of this place for too long, it’s been a crazy yet wonderful year and today is the day I am back on my desk to handle a Phd situation I’ve been avoiding to solve for too long.

It’s been more than one year since my professional life started to change (following my personal one) and it’s been a crazy ride, I’ve been learning and evolving so much and I can’t even start to mention all that changed in my life, my perspective and specially my self-confidence.

And although things changed, I still feel this urge to write and to finish what I proposed myself to almost 5 years ago: get a Doctorate level.

I shifted my perspective from the beginning and the world changed heavily, but all and all, I’m confident I’m going to do a good job.

Because as I tell many people around me: there is nothing you can’t do.


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