Graziela Sousa

all i need is: a break


As some of you might know, it’s my 4th summer with a thesis hanging over my head, my soul and my heart.
It’s also the 4th time I end up admitting I need some vacation, that I sort of succumb to the idea of stopping because I start feeling depressed and lacking some time off from everything.

it’s not always easy to admit one needs to stop, take a dive, eat fish and get sun on their skin. but it’s been another rough year and I’m now convinced that this time off will not be out of laziness or procrastination. I need and deserve a break, and do think I will return with a refreshed and productive mind.

I also have just promised myself I will never apologize for taking a break, and will never again consider not having a vacation at least once a year.
It’s about health and self-love.

So I guess it’s ba-bye! see you in a week! 🙂