Graziela Sousa

Sei Fazer


Along this big life change and journey I’ve had the privilege to get to meet great and interesting people who became sources of support and inspiration.

One of them is Joana, who taught me so much and contributed heavily in several aspects of my way of thinking, behaving and actually facing the world and the things I know about.

Through sharing books, situations, articles and glasses of wine, of course, we realized we could actually do something about empowering other women.

Joana decided to start with the ones close to her: gathering a few friends in a Facebook group called ‘Sei Fazer’ (which can be translated into ‘Know how to’), where we can ask about things we need to know about but have no formal way of learning, like changing a tire, or using a drill. I followed her and gathered more friends and now we feel we can do whatever we please because there was a big echo among other women – the best trickle down effect EVER <3


We already change tires without calling the insurance company and have a knitting circle being organized, we are considering knitting on the beach, dunno how that will turn out 馃榾

mission: collaboration


A few days ago, I had the opportunity to think about my mission and dreams in a very wide and open way.

I’ve realized I might not be exactly what you would expect a fashion designer would be – I sort of operate in fashion and education, true – but what I really do and love doing is to build bridges between people and projects and make new and good things happen.
And this took me to the insight that I’ve been doing collaborations and partnerships for such a long time and never realized it this clear.

So… the new project I’m involved with is a partnership between the course I teach at (Fashion Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon) and Fermenta association, which promotes active ageing and built up a project called ‘A av贸 veio trabalhar‘ which one can translate as ‘gradma came to work’. This is a social innovation project which consists in the creation of products with the elderly, showing how valuable their knowledge in crafts is and how it can be used to create beautiful and appealing products while keeping them active and feeling valuable to the society.

Here’s one of their co-founders – Susana Ant贸nio – presenting the challenge to our students.

Today we matched the students (individually or in pairs) with one grandma/grandpa and they’ll be co-creating embroideries in sweaters for the next five weeks – it was a thrill to watch them get together and thinking about the products they’ll create.

I’ll keep you posted about the process and post pictures as we go!

go do


It’s not that common to get this inspired by the daily thought by Seth Godin on my email. So here’s what shook me today:

First, interact

The best way to tell if your speech is going to go well is to give your speech.
The best way to find out if your new product has market appeal is to try to sell it.
The best way to become a teacher is to teach.
There’s a huge need for study, refinement and revision. No question about it.
None of it means anything, though, if you are hiding from the market.
There used to be a dangerous myth: the genius in an attic, who arrives one day, fully formed, with a grant, a Pulitzer and a string of accolades, out of nowhere.
Great work doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes out of interactions with the people you seek to change.

Creating something to help students and upcoming fashion designers has been my drive for more than two years, and I’ve said many times ‘I need to be prepared’, or ‘I’m building my model, I’ll apply it later’. Truth be told – I just need to f&鈧琸ing start something, devote myself and make it grow.

I watched this keynote speaker sometime ago (professor Paul Hannon) saying that if one wants to teach and promote entrepreneurship one has, first of all, to have an entrepreneurial behavior – so here’s me, just leaning in!
I just started a Facebook group in which I’ll be sharing a few important matters and opportunities with students, upcoming designers and professionals, hoping I can ignite the innovative and entrepreneurial spark, while fostering information sharing and collaboration. It’ll work as a complement to the blog’s activity and will be more focused on sharing interesting articles, useful links, resources, job opportunities and contests.

Let’s see how it goes/grows.