Graziela Sousa

Sei Fazer


Along this big life change and journey I’ve had the privilege to get to meet great and interesting people who became sources of support and inspiration.

One of them is Joana, who taught me so much and contributed heavily in several aspects of my way of thinking, behaving and actually facing the world and the things I know about.

Through sharing books, situations, articles and glasses of wine, of course, we realized we could actually do something about empowering other women.

Joana decided to start with the ones close to her: gathering a few friends in a Facebook group called ‘Sei Fazer’ (which can be translated into ‘Know how to’), where we can ask about things we need to know about but have no formal way of learning, like changing a tire, or using a drill. I followed her and gathered more friends and now we feel we can do whatever we please because there was a big echo among other women – the best trickle down effect EVER <3


We already change tires without calling the insurance company and have a knitting circle being organized, we are considering knitting on the beach, dunno how that will turn out 😀

Words from Last Week #1


With such an overflow of information from last week, and every week actually, I decided to make a little summary of the reads I found most interesting as a way to train my synthesizing abilities and an effort to connect a few dots from different sources.

3 Fashion Start Ups Tapping Tough Categories, highlighted the fact that success might be in the special things you can deliver to consumers – sizing, special occasions, universal design – it comes clear that addressing people’s needs and listening closely to your friends’ desires, and the problems they find in their fashion choices and consumption – everyone matters and an innovative business might be hidden in the niches.

Once again got amazed by the work of the BF+DA, Debera Johnson is a voice to be heard about incubating fashion businesses, she reinforces that it is crucial to have a sustainable approach and to deliver the proper resources/advice regarding scalability, local production, technology and innovation.

Given my curiosity about millennials as an educator, this article about beauty products and their marketing issues towards Gen X’rs made me wonder about what we should consider while catering to certain audiences and therefore, possibly shoving a few others away. I also related it to this interesting discussion about beauty standards, sizes and a general need to democratize the images that fashion is producing – while accompanying the fact that social media is in fact (thanks to the Millennial generation) showing who are the real people, not photoshopped, not skinny, not white, not ‘idealized’.

And last but not least the launch of the wonderful John Sterner brand by the fascinating mind of mr. Stutterheim – I’ve been watching the process through his IG account and I love to tes

timony the success and all the correctedness of the whole thing: refugee knitters, following the path of our product from sheep to sweater/tag. It’s what we’re all aiming for. And he DID it!


Of course, as a woman (and a person), it is impossible not to mention Michele Obama’s speech about Trump’s latest scandal and express my support to Amal Clooney who did not have a tantrum. It’s still a man’s world, and it will get a scary one, if the American people elects a man who says such things.

The word in my mind to wrap it up… DEMOCRACY: everyone has its place in a free globalized world and let’s keep it and grow it that way!


street art image. Montmartre, Paris. 2016