Graziela Sousa

sponsored’ly ever after


It’s been three weeks since one of the biggest Instagram events ever. Yes, The Ferragnez! This marriage between two celebrities came to mark a critical moment and deserves attention in our history. If not, it strongly affirms the power of influencers and what they represent to brands.

But I can’t really speak about this without having contradictory feelings.

On the one hand, it fascinates me how this great influencer (Chiara Ferragni) works with the brands that invest in her, a true entrepreneur with an incredible structure of competent managers and marketeers which generate unprecedented values ​​of brand turnover.

On the other hand, there’s something about it which makes me feel unconfortable. I often remember the movie ‘The Truman Show’, where we could foresee all this.

We were suddenly able to spend the day peeking at her wedding, seeing Leoncino playing, knowing where the groom is, how the bridesmaids are dressed, what people are eating at the party. In a little while will sure be able to smell the flowers and hear the songs live. Maybe, to be there in VR. Who knows?

I question how much of that is made up, how much is actually be true. A sponsored truth? A sponsored life? A sponsored happily ever after?

An influencer as such makes her life her profession. And this is as astonishing, because it alters many of the previous paradigms, as it is scary.

The world has turned with the Queen of Instagram but I really don’t know if I want to ‘keep up with the Ferragnez’.