Graziela Sousa

the future is curated


No, i don’t mean tailored. It’s not about asking consumers what they want or need. It’s actually about curating selections of products ‘in the new’ or the ‘unexpected’.

It’s about building up installations, exhibitions or Pop-ups, physical ones, full of new products no one has seen or heard about yet OR maybe combined in such a way that you will be surprised.
It’s about freshness and excitement, about the things you cannot find online, the ones you’ve never seen before.
Also, as a professional I must say, it’s about keeping up the search, the scouting, the digging, about going to those cities, shops or thrift-shops yet unknown.

In this sense i’d say that this insight isn’t just about fashion, either apparel or accessories, it can be about everything from cosmetics to craftsmanship to food or even homeware.
People need the creative crowd to come and get really creative. We need to keep up the excitement. To get off of our screens and provide real experiences: visual, tactile and olfactive.

We need to deliver good yet unexpected combos, in every sort of delivery point: hotels, displays, museums, concept stores and temporary installations.

One proof of that is precisely our social media: as in instagram, spotify, pinterest et. al. we are all mixing and showing off our personal moodboards, liking our favorite things, which results (as per algorithms exist) in a selection of things suggested/shown based on that.

So let’s provide for PHYSICAL boards and tasteful selections, promoting local and sustainable alternatives and showing new things for the audience to like – i mean to REALLY like, not just  double-tap 😉

A Vida Portuguesa: selected Portuguese traditional products, celebrating our excellent manufacturers while letting melancholy do its part.

fast, digital & personal


Hello from a new year!

Despite this sort of crazy beginning, let’s all try and make it a good one, in our life at least, shall we?

Well, being a fashion news’ worm, it’s sort of predictable hat I am fascinated by the Global Fashion report that Business of Fashion have put together with McKinsey, and can’t really believe I haven’t come across it sooner. Lately I’m really into this sort of contrasts that the fashion industry keeps showing off:

_while there’s a great push towards digital and online presence: AI, VR, Automation, fast/immediate acquisition – like see now buy now or Alibaba’s Pay by Nod, – and this is fascinating, it’s Blade Runner/Matrix all coming to our fashion and consumer’s lives;

_there’s also a push towards what is personal and tailored and specially crafted, even made by the same companies – e.g. Burberry made their SNBN revolution but also opened up a concept store in London which celebrated craftsmanship.

And this wonderful contrast is something that will definitely set a tone for the upcoming years of the industry and will be on one hand what the consumers, specially Millennials, desire (not sure if it’s about their needs) and on the other what will drive companies to change, develop and evolve in several sectors: production, distribution and marketing, keeping in mind the needs of their audiences and also the hugely difficult combination of making it still personal. Which will surely be attained through data analytics and also some psycho-sociological, experiential approaches that might guarantee consumer satisfaction – by pleasing and making them as special as they Need, Want or Desire.

go do


It’s not that common to get this inspired by the daily thought by Seth Godin on my email. So here’s what shook me today:

First, interact

The best way to tell if your speech is going to go well is to give your speech.
The best way to find out if your new product has market appeal is to try to sell it.
The best way to become a teacher is to teach.
There’s a huge need for study, refinement and revision. No question about it.
None of it means anything, though, if you are hiding from the market.
There used to be a dangerous myth: the genius in an attic, who arrives one day, fully formed, with a grant, a Pulitzer and a string of accolades, out of nowhere.
Great work doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes out of interactions with the people you seek to change.

Creating something to help students and upcoming fashion designers has been my drive for more than two years, and I’ve said many times ‘I need to be prepared’, or ‘I’m building my model, I’ll apply it later’. Truth be told – I just need to f&€king start something, devote myself and make it grow.

I watched this keynote speaker sometime ago (professor Paul Hannon) saying that if one wants to teach and promote entrepreneurship one has, first of all, to have an entrepreneurial behavior – so here’s me, just leaning in!
I just started a Facebook group in which I’ll be sharing a few important matters and opportunities with students, upcoming designers and professionals, hoping I can ignite the innovative and entrepreneurial spark, while fostering information sharing and collaboration. It’ll work as a complement to the blog’s activity and will be more focused on sharing interesting articles, useful links, resources, job opportunities and contests.

Let’s see how it goes/grows.