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On and off as usual, last weekend (7th to 10th March) was my last ModaLisboa – Lisbon Fashion Week before I finally hopefully wrap up and finish my thesis. Feelings are a bit mixed or shaken I’d say at the least.

I am one from the Doers, not one to just think and write quiet and peacefully so this might be the biggest challenge I’ve had in my entire life: to finish what I started, write it up and be proud of it in the end. Never imagined it would take this long nor that it would be so difficult to finish. But now I am actually on the finish line, so there is nothing that can stop me besides my insecurity.

I think my latest experience in ModaLisboa really kicked out a lot of good feelings and made me feel like I actually have something to be proud of, proud to keep growing and proud to belong to such a team of change makers for whom ‘nothing is impossible’ as one reads in a neon sign right on the ModaLisboa’s office entrance.

I am one of those who take care of the pop Ups, the places for networking and learning as well as the talks, which is a great honor because I actually get to share my beliefs, try new things and see how they go – I am so lucky to have been welcomed in a place where I can plant creative seeds while I am mentored to grow and evolve thoroughly and strategically by Eduarda and Joana, two mentors and forces of nature to whom I am forever grateful.

As a metaphor for all I am saying above, this time we also had a live atelier with Avó Veio Trabalhar, where several artists costumised pieces and in the end of our 4 day fashion week, after so many knowledge shared, after a performance by Eduardo Moreira with the resulting pieces and fabrics provided by Calvelex and Fabrics4Fashion – I just had a very strong feeling of fulfillment and thankfulness for being part of all this.

pic by João Fernandes Rocha

I felt that it all pays off if we put love into the things we do, if we gather the ones that work the way we do, that believe in their missions from within and like that we all are able to do more, do better and contaminate the next ones, the emerging professionals we hope to provoke and make the next change makers in our industry.

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Dior and I


Had the luck to get invited by ModaLisboa to the premiere of the movie-documentary ‘Dior and I‘, showing Raf Simons’ entrance in the fashion house and the eight weeks that preceeded his first couture show for Dior.

Not so much for the fashion genius anyone can see in Raf, well I don’t, I saw an organized aesthete, facing a professional and artistic challenge and surpassing it with distinction – I got to admire his way of thinking shapes, connecting visual arts and maintaining his own point of view: his lens, his touch, while reinterpreting Christian Dior’s.

I was excited while watching the movie, I still want to watch it again… and yes, I missed the runway rush more than ever.

It’s not that I’m changing my mind about what my intentions as a professional and an educator are, I just realized that, when it comes to fashion – on the couture league at least, you can still do your ode to creativity, if you’re talented enough, if you get your chance and specially if you love doing it. And at the Dior house, business will just make its way (thanks to great professionals and a huge reputation) and that’s something we didn’t see Raf worrying about.

So yes, maybe we can split fashion in two sides: the artistic side and the business side – maybe we should be exploring both – one focused on processes and products and bringing to life new shapes and proposals, and the other making them work and helping them finding their way to reach the audience – fashion is made to be worn after all and maybe it’s in the interconnection of these two mindsets that we can learn and evolve.